Drilling services for Orastie - Sibiu Motorway

Geotechnical drilling and sampling and instrument instalation

Client: Impregilo SpA
Industries: Infrastructure
Services: Geotechnical Engineering, Drilling, In situ testing, Instrumentation and monitoring


Complex geotechnical assessment for landslide investigation program comprising geological, geophysical, geomechanical, geotechnical laboratory, drilling and stratigraphy surveys, including long term inclinometer and piezometer monitoring for areas affected by landslides. 

Our role

Geotechnical requirements and project demands for this multidisciplinary assessment involved combined methods of drilling services and techniques. Time scale and project deadlines were crucial for project success.

At a glance during this project we performed more than 4000 meters of drilling, on challenging site and climate conditions, from remote isolated locations to very busy site construction activities, from temperatures below -28˚C to +41˚C. 

Various purpose dependable types of drilling were required by the project, from geotechnical tests or instrument installation, to exploration drilling for identification of borrowing materials for embankments, or geological site verification to correlation boreholes, continuing with groundwater wells and research experimental activities.

Various methods of drilling were used from direct push dry drilling to rotary continuous coring, from vertical drilling to directional and horizontal techniques, involving small or large diameter drilling boreholes.

And most important, we proudly state that all drilling assignments were performed on scheduled timelines.

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