Long term inclinometer monitoring - Motorway Project

Long term inclinometer monitoring for landslide assessment 

Client: Impregilo SpA
Industries: Transport and Infrastructure
Services: Landslide and slope stability assessment, Piezometer and inclinometer monitoring


Complex geotechnical assessment for landslide investigation program comprising geological, geophysical, geomechanical, geotechnical laboratory, drilling and stratigraphycal surveys, including long term inclinometer and piezometer monitoring for areas affected by landslides. 

Our Role

Landslide assessment and long term inclinometer monitoring were carried out in order to observe the evolution of the instability phenomena affecting construction alignment of the motorway project. 

Our role was to develop and design an landslide investigation program, consisting of drilling (over 1500 meters), geotechnical sampling and laboratory analysis and installation of inclinometer casing followed by long term periodical inclinometer readings

Data acquisition followed by interpretation of results of the periodical inclinometer monitoring offered critical information regarding depth of slip shear plans and soil mass displacements which allowed the constructor to quick response and appropriate measures. 

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