Geoservices & Tehnic Consulting offers a broad variety of geophysical methods for various industry sectors. The methods provide surface, borehole and near shore geophysics as a cost-effective, non-intrusive approach for site investigations.

Geophysical services integrated with different types of in-situ testing techniques and drilling operations can provide valuable answers and solutions allowing for a reduced project risk and a better time - cost - efficiency ratio.

Geosciences & Tehnic Consulting’s principal technical capabilities:

  • Geoelectric resistivity and IP (ERT, VES, various)

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Magnetic survey

  • Seismic methods (MASW, SASW, Refraction) - onshore and near-shore

  • Electromagnetic methods

  • Underground utilities survey

  • Down-hole, cross-hole, VSP seismic survey and seismic tomography

  • ​Bathymetric survey and Sub Bottom Profiler


All geophysical testing techniques used by GTC comply with ASTM, Eurocode and National Standards and Regulations.