In-situ testing

Geoservices & Tehnic Consulting uses a wide range of in-situ testing in order to better understand the geotechnical properties of soils. Combined with drilling works, in-situ testing is meant to provide quick and reliable answers regarding geotechnical parameters that otherwise, during lab works, involve a lot of time and costs. Using a broad variety of drilling techniques combined with various conventional and unconventional in-situ testing makes for one of the best time – cost – efficiency ratio company available on the market.

GTC standard capabilities regarding in-situ testing:

  • Cone Penetration Testing – wide range of cones – SCPTu, CPTu, CPT

  • Standard Penetration Testing - SPT

  • Borehole permeability testing

  • Dynamic and Static Probing - DPSH

For more complex projects GTC and its partners can provide in-situ answers using different types of techniques (Dilatometer, Borehole televiewer, Menard Pressuremeter, Hydraulic testing and fracturing, etc.)

All in-situ testing techniques used by GTC comply with ASTM, Eurocode and National Standards and Regulations.