Instrumentation & monitoring

Geotechnical, geophysical and environmental monitoring are powerful and reliable tools for validating design and assessing field performance.

Geoservices & Tehnic Consulting provides a full range of services for geotechnical, geophysical and environmental monitoring, starting with instrument installation and data acquisition to integrated data management and interpretation.
We create available responsive monitoring systems used to establish high integrity continuous documented and traceable databases which are essential for design validation. Consistent data acquisitions are critical for how the environment (soil, water, air) responds to human activities or natural phenomena.

Our specialized technical staff can design and implement effective geophysical, geotechnical and environmental monitoring systems for any civil engineering project in various types of environments. We are a team of geosciences engineer’s which closely work together to design realistic systems.

We can install monitoring systems or supervise installation by third parties. Once systems installed, we calibrate it carefully to ensure reliable data acquisition. Monitoring systems are flexible and adaptive tailored to site specific requirements optimized to provide quality measurements.

Our area of operation for design of monitoring instruments and systems comprise:

  • Inclinometers and extensometers

  • Water Stand Pipe

  • Piezometers (including Cassagrande piezometers)

  • Earth Pressure cell

  • Temperature probes

  • Gas monitoring wells

  • Ground flow meters

  • Strain gauges and stress cells