Drilling services for Orastie - Sibiu Motorway
Geotechnical drilling and sampling and instrument instalation
Landslide investigation program
Geotechnical, geological and geophysics for landslides
Long term inclinometer monitoring - Motorway Project
Long term inclinometer monitoring for landslide assessment
Geology and geotechnics for cut and cover tunneling
Geotechnical engineering and testing for tunnel assessment
Environmental assessment
Environmental assessment - Phase II soil and groundwater site investigation
Electroputere Mall
Oil well abandonment & remediation
Environmental engineering, Sampling, Instrumentation and monitoring
Soil thermal treatment - Motorway Project
Thermal treatment of clayey soils
Electrical Resistivity Tomography - Motorway Project
Electrical Resistivity Tomography for landslide assessment
DPSH in-situ testing
Dynamic Penetration Super Heavy
Inclinometer monitoring
Inclinometer monitoring projects for landslide assessment